Woodstock Farm & Lawn Center - 2020 S. Eastwood Drive

Woodstock, IL 60098 - (815) 338-4200

Woodstock Farm & Lawn Center

    Woodstock Farm & Lawn Center was constructed in 1979 at its present Route 47 location. Physically, little has changed from its early days.  The front facade is still in the style of an old west general store and the interior walls are lined with vintage barn board.  In fact, many of today’s more modern feed stores have adopted a storefront that mimics ours.


     There has always been a pet to greet you upon your arrival.  In the past Scooter the cat, Boots the cat, and Hazel the bunny roamed the aisles.  Today our cat Chuck wanders the store.  Some days you’ll even be greeted by Pat’s dog Blake.  Your pets are always welcome to accompany you while shopping.


    While it’s true we’re a feed store, we’re much more than that.  We’re a holistic pet food store, a garden shop, a western wear store, a wild bird boutique, a tack shop, and an english riding apparel store.  Our store changes with the seasons.  In the Spring we carry vegetable plants, perennials and hanging baskets.  Throughout the Spring and Summer months we stock premium lawn and pasture seeds and fertilizers.  During the Fall and Winter months we bring in a larger inventory of gifts and collectibles, more western and english apparel, and a more complete lineup of bird and wildlife feeders, houses and accessories.


    There’s no need for shopping carts or cash registers here.  We still do our own math and count back your change the way we always did when we first opened.  There’s always someone happy to carry your order to your car for you as well (and that really comes in handy in wintertime).  We deliver throughout McHenry County and the surrounding area Monday through Friday for a small fee. If we don’t carry exactly what you’re looking for, let us know.  We’ll be glad to order it in for you if possible.


                                                                                                                                                                             Pat & Tim   



Our “Cool” Cat


Our Greeter